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Sanofi Aventis epi pen Social Campaign

ON•YOU is where your epinephrine device should be. After all, if it’s not on you it won’t do much good. ON•YOU is also where the responsibility lies. But as leaders in the field of severe allergies, we think the responsibility is also on us.

Which is why, we’re creating a movement to remind people to keep their device ON•YOU.

We do this by encouraging people to take a pledge to keep their epinephrine device on them at all times, and to help others with severe allergies do the same.

ON•YOU is a socially responsible way for sanofi-aventis to begin making their presence felt in the severe allergy space, while connecting with future customers. This could only be done as an unbranded campaign because we’re truly not selling anything, we’re simply trying to help people who suffer from severe allergies lives safer.