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NYC Remembers

Our insight and our goal was to make sure 9/11, a solemn day to remember,  didn't turn into another excuse for big box stores to have a big sale like on Memorial or Independence Day.

The campaign didn't ask for money. Instead, it asked individuals to do something, anything, to help remember the events of September 11th. Thanks, in part to this TV spot, the US Congress voted to make 9/11 a National Day of Remembrance. 

NYC Remembers was a coalition of eight organizations that pooled their funds together to multiply their efforts. When we presented this campaign to them something insane happened. As I was in the middle of presenting this idea to representatives of each organization one of the clients threw a pen at me. Then he said, “You have a lot of nerve to present this idea to us...” followed by “...and we’d be crazy not to get 100% behind it.”